Worship with usThanks for stopping by Christian Life Church online!  We aim to help you connect with God and with others; to grow in your faith; and to serve with your gifts and share your faith.

On this website you will discover we have opportunities for all the members of your family and ministries targeted to some of your significant personal needs.

Please visit Christian Life in person so we can get to know you.

Next Newcomer’s Gathering:  Sunday, January 14, 2018 after 2nd Service

What to Expect

We understand that coming to a new church can be an intimidating experience.  We want you to feel comfortable when you arrive, so here are a few things you might like to know about us:

  • Dress however you feel comfortable – you will see people in tees and jeans and people dressed up
  • Friendly people will welcome you at the door and provide direction as you need
  • Our services are about 75 minutes long
  • We have lively music and love to sing
  • Our pastors always teach from the bible
  • We have church for your kids, too, so they can worship and learn at a level of their understanding
  • It is easiest to get to our worship area or offices if you park on the upper level of our lot
  • It is easiest to get your children connected with our  ministry for kids if you park on the lower level
  • An interpreter for the deaf is available upon request.
  • Each service is staffed with a Nursery Grandma plus volunteers to assure your little ones have the best care.
  • Coffee will be waiting!